I've been coming to bootcamp for 7 months now.

Christina is encouraging, understanding, supportive and motivating. When I’m having a bad day and struggling to eat right, Christina reassures me it’s OK and that I can push through. When I fall, she helps me get back on track without judgment or disapproval.

Christina creates a comfortable, fun atmosphere at her Bootcamps. We all enjoy being there and look forward to the class.

I enjoy seeing the changes in my body and what I am capable of doing when I treat it right. I am stronger both physically and mentally. I am happier in this body than I have ever been.

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Backcountry Fitness Before & After

I joined Christina’s bootcamp years ago in person when she had just started doing them. I remember flipping over very large tires and whipping extremely heavy ropes back and forth, running around the Warren hall, and wanting to pass out in the middle of the field. I only did one season of in-person bootcamp because we moved away from Woodlands. I continued to follow Backcountry Fitness on Facebook over the years, however, getting to bootcamp was not feasible for me.

I recently joined Christina’s virtual bootcamp after seeing that I could do pre-recorded workouts from home, at my own pace, my own intensity, on my own time, for only $30 a month. I won’t lie, the first month was a bust. It was December and Christmas time and I just wasn’t mentally ready or willing to give it time and energy.

On January 1st, I weighed myself for the first time in over 2 years and was a bit shocked (thanks covid). Numbers don’t really matter but to put it into perspective, I weighed 1lb less than what I weighed 9 months pregnant. I wasn’t feeling great. I had no energy. I couldn’t keep up with my kids. I was often grumpy and anxious. And my digestive system was angry a lot.

Christina sent me an email a day or two into January and gently nudged me to try another month of virtual bootcamp and I agreed… except this time I told myself I was going to keep going even if I couldn’t do it. I also “pencilled in” bootcamp time rather than flying by the seat of my pants. I told my family that I am doing a nightly “class” and I set aside a specific time to do it so that they respected my “me time” (which I never get and is SOO necessary for busy moms)!

I struggled to do 10 sit ups. I also had a hard time keeping up with the cardio and making it to 10 push-ups for the beginner push-up challenge and a 20-second plank felt incredibly long that first week. I felt defeated more times than not. But I kept going and doing what I could.

Part of our January group was to make a vision board and set a few goals. One of my goals was to be able to do a headstand and hold it, and another was to stick with bootcamp until at least my birthday (June). With that goal in mind, I’ve now completed 3 months of virtual bootcamp and I LOVE the way I feel after doing them now. The workouts feel easier because I’m stronger. I feel healthier and happier. My house is even staying cleaner and I continue to check things off my to do list every week because I have way more motivation and energy than I used to. 

I had never taken progress pics before and was totally intimidated by it. However, now I’m really glad I did! Day to day it’s hard to see progress, but when you see it over time it’s very motivating.  

With virtual bootcamps, the AMAZING support, and vibe in the bootcamp community/groups, drinking more water and eating healthier, after 12 weeks I am 30lbs lighter and my old clothes fit me again! In the last month I succeeded in being able to do a full head stand and hold it (I was actually baffled by how much core strength this took – it was far easier as a little kid), moved myself up to the intermediate push-up challenge, and I completed a 30-days-to-4-minute-plank challenge. I’m so thankful that Christina gave me that nudge to try virtual bootcamp again because it is such a great program for busy mamas like myself. She suggests attainable goals, modifies the exercises, and you can choose your own time to workout and intensity. And she is 100% real with all her Mama-ness in her videos (farm animals and kids included), which personally makes me feel a lot more at ease while doing the workouts.

It’s so nice to feel so much better and keep up with my kids!

backcountry bootcamp Warren Manitoba
Amber-Dawne has been with us for 1 year and I have watched her transformation unfold.
Amber is a true testimony when it comes to putting her mind to something with true sweat, dedication and purpose.
She has shown us how doable it is to follow a healthy lifestyle plan and use good old fashioned hard work to get the job done. 
We are so proud of your progress, girl ❤️🤚🏻

Her amazing story below:

“This post is definitely not something I usually share but talking to my trainer last week, Christina Hooper inspired me to be damn proud of how far I’ve come (in) changing my body.

The first photo is two years ago (when) I was at my heaviest, switching jobs and changing from my habits to a positive Young Living life style!

The second and third photos are taken a month apart after I committed to the 6-week summer challenge. We got one week left 😊

These photos show what using products to support your body changing your eating habits and working out 3-4 times a week can do to change your body. It’s dedication to change my health 💁🏼‍♀️

No, I never did the keto diet, never took supplements for weight loss, never starved myself. I just lost the weight properly.

I went from a size 12 to now a size 7/8. Currently in the next 6-weeks my goal is drop to a 5 in pants 🙌🏻

I could go on forever about how much this lifestyle changed my body but I have pictures to prove it 👌🏻

Also to those thinking bootcamp wouldn’t be a work-out that’s all I attend plus workouts at home on my own. It’s consistency 🤩 Christina Hooper is an inspiring woman and when I went shopping a couple weeks ago for new clothes I was in tears. The fact I lost the weight, the fact I followed through and committed to my Young Living and the fact I am a healthier Me.

Big thanks to my oily family and my fit Fam for always pushing me 🙃

If you’re stuck? Struggling to find what motivates you, I’m always here for encouraging words and maybe you just might want to join me in my crazy lifestyle 😝

backcountry bootcamp Warren Manitoba
Mission: To Transform & Inspired
Outcome: Absolutely crushed it

Michelle contacted me at the end of February and was very nervous about coming out to a class. She almost didn’t come the first time because she was that nervous.

One week later I followed up with her and invited her to a class and she came with her son at the time, and ended up having the next time.

After one hour of bootcamp, all of her insecurities and anxiety was gone once she entered our community.
She connected with many of the woman and the next day committed to 15 more classes.

🎉And to date has completed 44 classes 🎉
(P.S. that is 4 classes each week !!!)

This is her story of her amazing journey:

“It’s not about being perfect, or even having a super model type body. It’s about loving yourself for what you are.

Back in March I joined bootcamp and then started an 8-week program with some amazing people. This morning I sent pictures to my trainer and when she sent back the comparison, I was brought to tears.

Overall I lost 25.5 inches and this morning I weighed in at 180 lbs which is over 25 lbs down from my first weigh in. This is the lightest I’ve been since before I had (my child) 5 years ago. I went from a size 16 to 11/12, fitting medium tops instead of extra large. That alone is the craziest change that I’ve noticed.

Never did I ever think I would get to where I have. I’ve had days I’ve wanted to say screw it and just quit but my fit fam, family, friends and my trainer kept telling me you got this, you are doing amazing, we are proud of you.

I’m not stopping though! I am going to continue to focus on a healthier more active lifestyle and I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am for everything Christina Hooper has done for me. Not just as a trainer but as a friend and fellow mom. You are my inspiration every day girl. Thank you !

For anyone else out there remember you can do anything and you are beautiful!”

backcountry bootcamp Warren Manitoba

You kicked my ass! I had been looking for a change for a while and all other “weight loss” and “fitness plans” didn’t stick.
I needed someone to kick my ass a bit. After finding Backcountry Fitness & Conditioning in March  2017 and attending bootcamp classes I started to feel a bit more energized but knew I needed more of a push if I wanted to make a real lifestyle change.
In comes Pounding The Rock Project!

Christina gave each of us the pieces we needed to succeed along with coaching and guidance when we needed it.  This was something that was not to be a quick fix focused 100% on what and how much you ate and how much you exercised; instead it was about changing how you viewed your personal relationship with food and exercise.

After the 8 week program I am so excited to have not just lost the weight and inches (which was great) but to have a new foundation to push myself and reach my personal fitness goals.

Christina is a great trainer and not one bootcamp class has ever been the same! She keeps it fun and engaging for everyone, regardless of fitness level. I am so happy to have found a trainer and a program that worked for me :-).

I would HIGHLY recommended Christina, Backcountry Fitness and (for those wanting an extra kick) the Pounding The Rock program!


backcountry bootcamp Warren Manitoba

I joined Backcountry Fitness in March and thoroughly loved Christina’s classes!  Then in April I decided to sign up for Pounding the Rock #3 . I had a milestone birthday coming up and wanted to hit it feeling good!

I had been working out and watching what I ate with no great results…turns out I was doing it all wrong!  Christina provided great motivation, great workouts and yummy meal plans!  I was able to see and feel results, even while dealing with an injury!

I look forward to continuing my boot camps with Backcountry and feeling great while doing so.  I would highly recommend coming on out and seeing what Backcountry is all about!  You’ll get hooked!

backcountry bootcamp Warren Manitoba

Joy has been a huge part of our Backcountry family for almost two years now and has made some HUGE changes when it comes to her health and fitness.

I am always so excited when new clients come in and are so nervous but excited to start a program.

Joy has always been positive, motivating and inspiring to watch. I have seen her strength and endurance increase 10 fold, and her motivation for a new and improved healthy ‘new way of life’ is inspiring to all. During the 8 weeks we ran our program, her body composition changed dramatically as you can see below.

Joy religiously attended Bootcamps 3 x per week(sometimes 4), following a healthy meal and fitness plan from home to get her right on track including using Dynamis Fitness and Lifestyle Inc. products!

Even though she may not have enjoyed running initially when starting bootcamp, she has found peace and and a great hobby and taking up running, and has signed up for numerous 5 and 10km runs for 2017.

Joy, I am so proud of your progress and can’t wait to see you continue new goals and complete all the running events you have planned for this year!


Joy’s story:

“I have been going to Christina’s Boot Camp classes since October 2015. I have watched so many of my “class mates”  do the Pounding The Rock and transform their bodies. Working out alone was not cutting it for me.  I decided I needed a change so I joined Christina’s Pounding the Rock Program. In 8 short weeks Christina motivated me and taught me about clean eating.  Her program was easy to follow, her meal plans are tailored to your liking and her support was outstanding!

Thank you Christina for kick starting “My New Way of Life”. I could not have done it without you”

– Joy

backcountry bootcamp Warren Manitoba

I really enjoyed the 30 day challenge. I got into the routine and structure of eating and a more regular workout routine.

I enjoyed the meal plans and I also enjoyed the group sharing of meals and recipes from the other participants. I learned a few new things and also reviewed healthy habitats that I already knew.

I work full time and I have a toddler. I was often feeling very tired and run down. This 30 day challenge has helped me both lose weight and have the added energy which is so important to living well.

I was able to work the 30 day challenge into my life easily. Now I can also wear all my “before baby” clothing! I would do this again, it was awesome!

Thank you for your support Christina!!


I just wanted to give a special shout out to this amazing woman.

Carly has avidly attended Backcountry classes since 2015 and has dedicated 3 evenings a week to Bootcamp classes!

I have had the pleasure of coaching her in class and I’m always so impressed by her athletic abilities. She has always been very active, whether it be running a marathon, playing baseball or coming to bootcamp regularly.

In December, she joined Backcountry’s 21 day holiday program where she won 1st place!!

After a couple weeks of holidays, she put her mind to it again and had a goal set in place. She wanted to get back into it, shed the holiday weight and look amazingly hot for her holidays!

She worked out every day, followed a healthy eating plan, and stuck to it, and she did it!

  • 30 days challenge winner!

  • 21 day Holiday challenge winner!

  • 11 lbs los!t

  • 20.75 inches lost!

  • Toned & Chizzled!

  • Fitting into jeans she hasn’t worn in years!

  • Looking absolutely fabulous & fit!

Congratulations, Carly! I know you’re sitting on a beach right now, looking hot in a bikini enjoying those well deserved beers!

Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning

The 30 day challenge was a life changer for me. Obviously you want to eat better, feel better and have more energy but it’s hard to get started.

When I joined the challenge I was actually excited! I loved having a meal plan and workout routine, and someone who cared about how I was doing.

I started feeling better after only a couple of days so it was easy to stay on track.

I did a month of custom meal planning and workouts with Christina after the challenge and continued to lose weight. My eating habits are much better now and I will only continue my new lifestyle.

Thanks Christina, couldn’t have done it without you and your support!

Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning

My name is Shannon and I am a mother of two amazing boys. I started my journey in September 2015 with some hesitation. Everyone always has excuses on why making change is difficult and being a busy mother raising kids and putting myself last was my main issue.

I watched one of my best friends begin her journey to a healthier life and I envied her dedication to change her life. I thought I would love to be able to do something like that for myself. In September, my friend Chantel told me about Bootcamp and that Christina was going to offer a 14 week session in Warren and that she thought it would be an amazing opportunity to do something just for ourselves. Again I hesitated as I hadn’t worked out in 20 years and didn’t know if at my size (24) I would be able to do it.

I bit the bullet and attended a registration with Christina and I waited patiently to speak with her to get a sense of what Bootcamp was all about. Christina walked me through the process and we talked about I wanted to do. I didn’t have any expectations on losing weight. I wanted to have more energy and not be so tired everyday to keep up with my boys. My personal goal was to clean out a closet that was full of clothes that had been in there for as long as I can remember.

Christina and I talked about eating habits in that meeting and we worked on a meal plan that focused on my schedule. I walked out of that meeting signed up for two Bootcamp classes a week and a meal plan. I’ll be honest – I didn’t know exactly what to expect but I had taken the first step.

The first day of Bootcamp I was nervous but I set my mind to do what I could at my own pace. I made it through but realized my journey was going to be hard. The next class I worked hard but unfortunately I didn’t make it through. I was disappointed in myself and really didn’t know when I left early if I was going to go back. That evening, Christina messaged me and told me how well I did. That surprised me because I didn’t last the whole class and she asked me if I wanted to try a make up class. It was at that moment I realized that Christina actually cared and really wanted to see me back. Since that day, the encouragement and support Christina has provided me has been above and beyond what any person needs to give. Through this journey she has become my biggest supporter, fan, and most importantly, my friend.

Through a lot of hard work and Christina’s help, I’ve been able to work through struggles, gain confidence, and shape a new me physically and emotionally. I remember the days I couldn’t do a jump up, sit up or push up. But through this journey things have changed. The classes are not easy, but the goal is to challenge yourself, do what you can and a little more each time you step in the class. I have a new attitude about myself, confidence, more energy, a different relationship with food and a new outlook on what taking that walk every evening means. I cleaned out my closest, twice, and continue to gain strength and confidence. Christina has helped me regain a part of me I thought I lost and has supported me every step of the way. My journey isn’t done, I have more to go but as you look at my Before picture and where I made it to at this point, remember it’s about making the choice to better yourself and make some life long relationships that I couldn’t be more happy to add to my life.

I’m proud to say I’m 54 pounds lighter and a healthier and more energetic mother. I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me and I’m thankful I have Christina to continue to help me along the way!

If I am doing it, so can you!


Jamie Bootcamp Backcountry Fitness Warren

During my adult life, I have constantly struggled with maintaining not only my weight but a healthy lifestyle. While I love being active, hiking, camping, biking, etc it hasn’t been something that I have made a consistent part of my life.

Once I became a mom with a full time career that included frequent travel and long hours, I found that “me time” was the first thing to get cut out of my day as life took over. That often meant eating whatever was handy (fast food) as I was driving from work to daycare to extracurricular activities. Or making something quick and easy (microwave dinners or bowls of cereal/soup) often late at night. It’s funny how as a parent you ensure that your child is eating properly, getting their fruits and veggies and all the food groups, but that same attention is missed when it comes to you personally.

I was the epitome of a morning dose of caffeine followed by nothing until the evening at which point I was beyond hungry and snacking on whatever was handy until dinner was ready.

As my energy levels plummeted, I felt like I couldn’t keep up with my 5 year. I knew I needed to make a lifestyle change. I needed to focus on becoming a healthier person and I needed to ensure that I got at least 30 minutes of “me time” each day even if it was to get in a quick yoga session in the basement.

Over the last 5 years, I had tried the gimmick weight loss options out there from shakes to Weight Watchers. They worked in the short term but you can’t build a lasting habit from a quick fix. I wanted something that I could make a part of everyday life for my family and me.

I had met Christina while working for a fitness center almost 10 years ago and I loved her energy and personality. With the fabulous world of Facebook we reconnected a number of years ago and I was able to see that even this amazing, fit woman was affected by life and motherhood and yet with strength and perseverance she had accomplished great things in improving her health and an active lifestyle.

As soon as Christina started BackCountry Fitness, I knew that she was the one to help me work towards my goals. As a fellow mom, she understood the struggles of life. She understood what these precious little beings do to our poor bodies *lol*. And everything she coaches her clients in, she does herself.

I was lethargic when I started with my personalized meal and fitness plan in November 2015. I weighed 174lbs. And I ate out at least 3 times a week. My diet was full of nasty carbs and sugar. My food choices had no plan. Whatever was handy and easy is what we ate that day – not that the choices at home were bad, just not well thought out and often times pre-made.

For activity, I did yoga at home 2 to 3 times a week if I wasn’t travelling for work. But I had no focus. No motivation. I blamed my lack of activity on not having enough time.

Since working with Christina over the last 3 months I think differently about food, about fitness and about myself. I’ve learned to plan and prep for my week; how to cook and make healthy choices for myself and my family. I now eat constantly throughout the day instead of starving myself. When I eat out, I consider where I can get the best, healthiest options instead of just the quick easy stop.

Now, if I don’t get at least 30 minutes of exercise in each night I feel it. I can’t sit still anymore. I do planks, squats, and crunches while watching TV with my husband. My daughter does yoga workouts with me and we break out “Let’s Dance” on the Wii for fun mother/daughter times. This winter we have even taken up snowshoeing to encourage outdoor winter activity. And I joined a gym for those times I just need to get away, get focused, de-stress or change up my workouts.

I’ve learned that “me time” just means I need to take care of myself and that I can include my family in that time. The differences I see and feel are awesome! I’m learning to ignore the scale and focus on the inches lost and the way my clothes fit. I have energy to keep up with my daughter. When I’m in the grocery store, I shop differently. I stay away from the junk food aisles. I fill my body with healthy, high protein, nutritious foods, I find I don’t have the same cravings for sweet/salty. I’m more prepared each day with good food choices stored in my car, office and purse for the times when work takes over or my day doesn’t allow for carrying around a giant bag of food brought from home. I make sure that I have quick, easy to grab snacks ready to go in the fridge at home as well as meals in the freezer for those busy days.

The biggest takeaway I’m learning is to be less critical of myself. Like all people, I am hard on myself. I get frustrated. I have a hard time seeing and believing the results. Christina helps keep it real and brings back my focus with honest reality checks. Keeping her in the loop on progress with check-ins, measurements, and updated photos doesn’t just help her assess your progress and make adjustments to your program, but it gives her a tool to present back to you to PROVE that you CAN and ARE doing it.

With Christina’s help and positive influence (because really, if a mom of 5 who has a hobby farm and her own business can do it, I have no excuse!) I have begun to make health and fitness a lifestyle choice. My results may be coming slowly but they are there and they are obvious. The quick fixes I have tried over the years have never stuck, but in 3 months, I have changed not only my body but my way of thinking.

Thank you Christina!

Jennifer came to me late last summer looking for a change. Life got busy, and it was January by the time she made her decision. I knew once Jennifer committed herself she would be on fire.

This woman continues to amazing me daily with her commitment, dedication and hard work and she has NEVER given up. After spraining her ankle not once but twice, she has proven that her own goals were important enough to achieve.

She has also been on board with using all of the Dynamis products that have been a part of her program and journey!

She has not only lost 45 pounds and 41 inches, but I have seen her gain confidence, a new found love of running, and most of all, she has gained control of her life.

Not only is Jennifer a strong woman but I am exceptionally proud of her because she is a great client, and also one of my dearest friends now too!

“My journey with Christina began January 2016. For me, 2015 ended unhappily and I needed to make some changes. When I started with Backcountry Fitness I was at the heaviest and unhappiest I had ever been. First, I did the 30 day challenge and then moved on to meal and home workout plans for 3 months, plus 3 days a week bootcamp and just finished in June with the 8 week Pounding the Rock challenge. After 6 months with Christina’s help I have managed to lose 45lbs and 41 inches!

Back in January I might have run 1/4 of a mile and now I’ve done a 5km run. I signed up for a 10km in August and a 1/2 marathon in October! Christina is there to help you with challenges you face with day to day life and help you achieve your goals! It’s not a quick fix or meant for quick weight loss, it’s a lifestyle change!”

Jennifer R.

I have been participating in Christina’s bootcamp classes since February 2016. The challenge and drive that each class gives me and the results that have come from them have been awesome.

When she announced the 30 day challenge I was totally in. Although the meal and workout plans were not personalized with just me in mind, I felt like there were enough options with the meals that I could really make it suit mine and my family’s taste buds! The workouts were made so that you could work your tail off and push it to the max, and if it was a rough, long day and it was all you had to just get your butt down to your gym, it was still doable.

I especially liked the daily workouts that she would post on our Facebook group page. I liked the challenge of getting it done. At first it was pretty tough to get through just the basic work out, never mind the extra add on…

…but on week 2 I noticed I had way more energy, my stamina was increased and so was my strength!

These extra workouts really made me see that all my effort put into following her plans was working! In the past, I’ve been a person who has used the excuse that I am just too busy to commit to something like this because there isn’t enough time in the day to do it all.

All the helpful tips on meal prep, the prepared grocery lists and recipes, the encouragement and online support from not only Christina but the other participants makes you see that you are your own worst enemy and there is always enough time.

It just takes a little adjustment and stepping out of your comfort zone to make exercise and healthy eating a part of your lifestyle not just “another diet.”

So if you need just a little guidance, an encouraging kick in the butt to keep going,

this woman understands busy, she understands family, she gets limitations, and she knows how to work around them, so join in, let her help you!

I personally after these 30 days have so much more energy, I’m happier, I sleep better, I’m more organized, my cravings for junk aren’t as crazy, and I have the drive and confidence that I can keep doing this!

Janet Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning
Janet After Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning

I always enjoyed exercising, but was never able to achieve the results I was looking for. My goal was to lose weight and tone up.

I came across a Backcountry Fitness ad and was intrigued to see what it was all about. I met with Christina and signed up for her bootcamp in May of 2015. I attended her class 3 days a week and after 3 months I noticed the difference in my energy level and stamina.

In September, Christina introduced me to a clean eating program called POUNDING THE ROCK. Through consultation with Christina we set up a program tailored to meet my needs and goals. All I had to provide was commitment and dedication.

Over the course of the next few months, I noticed a dramatic change in my body as the pounds and inches disappeared.

By Christmas I had achieved my goal…35lbs gone and 44 inches.

With all the knowledge I have learnt from Christina, I am able to maintain my weight and continue to eat properly as well as still participate in bootcamp.

Christina is an amazing instructor who is very professional. She makes you feel comfortable and is so patient and easy to work with. I am grateful that I met Christina and for all that she has done for me.


Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning

I have known the beautiful Nikki for a number of years. Over the last 6 months I have seen Nikki work so hard to achieve her goals. Even through an injury she stayed positive and pushed through. She enjoyed Dynamis Fitness and Lifestyle Inc. Refuel protein shakes during her journey too! She has lost weight and inches but the most amazing part of her transformation is the amazing change on her inside. She is more confident and positive and she just truly shone during her photoshoot. When I heard her laughing with Doug during her shoot, I knew that I had done my job of helping her shine.

“6 months ago I completed a 30 day program and then decided to join Christina’s “Pounding the Rock” program. I pushed and worked hard and now I see a difference in my health. I don’t feel sick all the time. I am feeling much better about myself and I can say to people that I can look at myself and want to show off my shape.

Before I wanted to wear big clothes to hide it all and I was so scared to go shopping for clothes or even shopping for my big day my wedding dress. After completing Christina’s “Pounding the Rock” program, I walk taller, feel good, and want to show off my shape in clothes I buy. I am so happy with myself inside and out. With all this help from Christina I now eat healthy and feel great. I can shop without going down the junk food isle, and I have such more energy.

I would never have thought I could be ready for a photo shoot and makeup and feel great about myself. This training and new lifestyle is for good and I love the workouts and meal plans that Christina planned for me. I love how much Christina is there for you and wants to help you and makes you feel like you’re part of a team. All I can say is I don’t want to go back to where I was before because I have come too far and love this new life.”

Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning

I am so excited to tell you about this woman. From the day I met her, I was in love with her enthusiasm and drive. She joined us in our Bootcamp classes and I couldn’t believe the progress in her strength, agility, and balance. One day during Bootcamp, I found out she wanted to run another marathon but didn’t feel she was ready. So a couple of us chatted and wanted to put a relay team together instead. We were short a team member to run so Laura decided that even though she didn’t feel she was ready, her goal would be to show off all of her hard work the day of the marathon.

Yes, life got in the way and made things difficult but she didn’t let that stand in her way of her goals. After 6 months of bootcamps, 2 BackCountry Fitness programs, she has lost 8 lbs and 17 inches overall BUT she’s gained confidence, a ton of muscle and increased her endurance for her marathon. I had the pleasure of running with her for a mile or so during the marathon and I got teary-eyed watching her run because I knew how hard she had worked to get here.

Congratulations Laura!

“I have been with Christina at BackCountry Fitness since January 2016, starting with the 30 day challenge and bootcamp 2 times a week. Then I started the “Pounding the Rock” project in April. Through it all, Christina was very supportive and encouraging. Lots of stress and work changes gave me many challenges. Christina stuck by my side and kept me accountable and encouraged me when I fell off track.

“Not only have I lost pounds and inches I have gained confidence and the ability to stand tall. With BackCountry Fitness Bootcamps and my Dynamis Fitness and Lifestyle Inc. products I was able to complete a 1/2 Marathon 11 minutes less than my previous time. Looking forward to continuing with Christina to shorten my time again for another 1/2 in October and build some muscle. Thank you Christina for all your support and encouragement and teaching us a new way to eat and exercise instead of a “quick fix ” way of thinking a lot of us get stuck in.”

-Laura S.

Celine's Before and After

The 30 Day Challenge was just that! It challenged me to make better choices. Not only for me but also for my family.

I liked the support of doing it with others. It also kept me accountable.

Food preparation for the week is so important for me to stay on track. I hope to do another challenge after Christmas as I have slipped off track already. This program and others Christina offers are great tools to learn and learn how to eat better and get some exersize in there.

By the end of the challenge I felt better and had more energy. My clothes fit better and some are even too big!

Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning
Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning
Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning
30 Day Results Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning