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“I recently joined this session and I am so impressed!

I not only feel myself getting stronger, but I am 10X more motivated. Christina is a great instructor and she makes the workouts fun and energetic!

I was worried about feeling intimidated by everyone is so welcoming. Everyone is at a different level but we are all here to get fit.”

“I couldn’t be happier with Backcountry fitness programs overall and for bringing this amazing program to the Interlake!”

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Christina’s bootcamp classes are awesome! Each class is challenging and fun! She keeps you motivated to push through each workout. I love the variety and how good I feel when the workouts are over.

I really enjoy the workouts! I always manage to always have fun and leave feeling good about the effort I put into it. Christina does an excellent job of motivating you.

Christina’s classes are fantastic. She always has lots of variety in the exercises and the way they are performed. She’s also super supportive and can help you if you need any modifications or help. 

Easy-going, yet motivational! As someone who doesn’t much enjoy exercising, I had fun, and came away feeling great! Christina cares about people, and the classes reflect the needs of everyone.

Another notch down on my belt thanks to the Pounding the Rock project.

Christina’s approach to meal plans and working out reminded me who I was before life happened. 


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