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✅ Join a like-minded community.

✅ Increased energy.

✅ Improved everyday strength.

✅ A resilient immune system.

✅ Lower resting heart rate.

✅ Sleep better.

✅ Reduce your risk of chronic disease.

✅ Lifts your mood.

✅ Builds self esteem.

✅ Reduces stress.

✅ Alleviates anxiety.

✅ Benefit from an accountability group.

✅ Support at your fingertips.

✅ Amazing workouts with endless variety.

✅ Modifications for all fitness levels.

✅ Easy to follow instructions.

✅ Worldwide access!


Exercise makes you feel better over all! 😀


Get started @HOME for only $30 a month!

What you’ll get each month:


💪🏼 16 (or more!) easy-to-follow workouts with an experienced, certified trainer.

💪🏼 All videos are prerecorded; workout @HOME when it suits you!

💪🏼 Modifications for exercises and workouts.

💪🏼 Health and wellness tips throughout the month.

💪🏼 Supportive fitness community.

💪🏼 Lifetime access.


See you on the inside!


Christina Hooper

[Your certified local trainer and lifestyle coach]

I’ve been working one on one with Christina for 10 weeks and am down 23lbs. I love her virtual classes and her coaching program is absolutely amazing.

I reached out to Christina after trying to lose weight on my own for years. I knew exactly what I needed to do but just couldn’t be consistent on my own. Christina keeps me motivated and on track. With her help, I’m confident I’ll reach my weight loss goal.

Can’t recommend enough. Asking Christina to help me is the best thing I’ve ever done!

~Alexis Rose

Highly recommend the virtual workouts! Christina is great – the workout videos are easy to follow and modifications are offered throughout so you can find the intensity that works for you. I love the flexibility of being able to do the workouts at whatever time of day works best for me. It makes it super easy to fit a workout in and the variety of workouts offered each week keeps things exciting!

~ Shauna Zinnick

I really enjoy Christina’s virtual workout sessions…well organized, easy to follow and she always has modifications so you can make them as challenging as you need. I always feel wonderful after her workouts!

I love how positive and encouraging Christina is during her sessions and in her fitness groups. A great place to share ideas and find support. Highly recommend Backcountry Fitness & Conditioning!

~ Amy Johnston

Christina is an amazing instructor. She knows how to make you feel good and push you at the same time! This is the longest I’ve stuck to a workout routine and I don’t plan on stopping! It’s not a quick fix, it’s a way of life! Backcountry Fitness & Conditioning helps with my depression, anxiety, and self-esteem and I love it!

I look forward to it every day, it makes me happy!

~ Jessica Hanreck

I have no plans to stop the virtual bootcamps being offered by Backcountry Fitness! I was working out on my own before but was getting bored. When my best friend told me about the bootcamps, we both signed up! The videos keep me on my toes, help me stay motivated throughout the workout and most importantly, are fun!! There hasn’t been a day where I haven’t been sweaty or sore afterwards (which is a good thing, imo!)

I highly recommend this to anyone of all fitness level!

~Avery Goodwin-Stam

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