Hi, I’m Christina!

I am a wife, a mother to 5 beautiful children, and the founder and owner of Backcountry Fitness & Conditioning.


Christina Hooper Backcountry Bootcamp Fitness Manitoba


As we enter our seventh successful year at Backcountry Fitness, I want to share our company motto: “Inspiring Lives, One Body at a Time.”

At BackCountry Fitness, I want to create an environment where EVERYONE feels welcome.

To challenge each individual based on their own personal goals, and never limit someone based on their looks or current ability. My goal is to challenge each of you and make you feel part of a community.

This is my story.

My love for fitness started at a very young age. Whether I was playing, badminton, volleyball or ice hockey with my brothers, I always loved to exercise.

One day in high school, I decided to join some of the football guys in the the gym and was instantly hooked. Lifting weights with the guys became a norm for me.
Everyone always told me, “Girls shouldn’t lift heavy or weight train too much because you’re going to get bulky.” But that statement never bothered me.¬†Lifting weights and being fit gave me a feeling of empowerment and strength.

After high school I began to experience the stresses of adult life and decided to go for a run one day. Because I had experienced asthma in my junior years, it kept me from running long distances. But after months of training, I grew to love running and I’ve now completed 7 half marathons.

In my early twenties, the university years of partying and unhealthy eating got the best of me. My unhealthy lifestyle caught up with me in my second year of studying Kinesiology at University of Winnipeg.

Christina Hooper Backcountry Fitness Warren Manitoba Bootcamp

My “fun” years after high school suddenly turned into a nightmare. Years of unhealthy eating and binge drinking finally caught up to me. Two months into the semester, I was diagnosed with Mono. After dropping most of my course load, I was rushed to the hospital two months after my mono diagnosis, this time with Pancreatitis. Losing more than 25 pounds I spent almost two weeks in the hospital. In order to recover, I quit working for 6 months and dropped out of University.

The next five years of my life continued with dozens of hospital trips for gallbladder attacks, appendicitis, and a hernia operation.
A couple years later, I started working at Good Life Fitness. I loved that I was following my love for fitness and helping others as a membership coordinator. Then in 2006, I was involved in a serious car accident that put me in physio for several months with severe whiplash.

Once back at the gym during one of my workouts, a former fitness competitor approached me to say that she thought I should compete in a show. My love for lifting and working out was there, so exactly one year after my accident I stepped on stage to compete in my very first Mabba Novice bikini competition. I had worked so hard to get anything but last place and was glowing because I got 7th.

Christina Hooper Backcountry Fitness Warren Manitoba Bootcamp

Continuing my love for fitness, I decided that working as a trainer was a great fit for me. I worked in and out of gyms for a number of years and really grew to love training others. I was able to help clients achieve their goals in the the gym. I received my personal training levels through the YMCA and completed a number of coaching courses through Coaching Manitoba and went on to earn my Personal Training certification through CanFitPro.

Fast forward ten years to today. Here I am, even as a full time mom of 5, I continue to pursue my passion of helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. It’s important for me to model and teach my family a healthy way of living, and also teach
them the importance of giving back and helping others.

Two years ago, I launched my own business, BackCountry Fitness & Conditioning, in my local town of Warren, Manitoba. I started out by running Bootcamps out of our local hall and eventually moving to the schools since numbers have increased.

I am currently studying to complete my Nutrition and Health certification, and have over 10 years of personal experience creating healthy meal plans to help my clients in healthy weight loss. Nutritional guidance and meal planning will help you reach your goals, and I also teach you how to increase your energy, feel more confident, and maintain your ideal weight or lose body fat though proper eating habits for the rest of your life.

I provide a sense of community for all of my clients and everyone at Bootcamp. I have online Facebook groups and I’m continuing to expand my services to those further away who want to create a healthier lifestyle with online training.

Come join me at BackCountry Fitness and Conditioning where fitness and health is just the beginning of creating a satisfying well balanced lifestyle.

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